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Madhubani Godna - Kachni Style Drawing Class

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About the experience

Experience Duration : 1 hrs
Detailed description:

A practical introduction to Madhubani.

I will guide you in drawing a modern version of this incredible, free flowing ancient art form. In this session we will be working with the Godna Style of Madhubani.

Madhubani folk art has five distinctive styles: Bharni, Kachni, Tantrik, Godna and Kohbar.

The Godna (tattoo) Style:

Tattooing is an age-old tradition of India in general and tribal societies in particular. In Northern and Central India, tattooing is popularly known as 'Godna’.

Godna painting is inspired by body painting (tattoo) whereas Madhubani (Mithila) painting is inspired by wall and floor painting. If we go back to history, we find that Godna painting is derived from the Godna (tattoo) making art of Nattins (women of gypsy tribe). They used to travel from village to village making different styles of Godna on the bodies of the villagers. The poorer women could not afford to wear jewelry so they liked Godna and loved to get different styles of Godna on their body by Nattins. Even today one can see Godna on the body of old ladies in this area.

Now the same Godna is available as paintings on paper.

These paintings are largely composed of rows and concentric circles of flowers, animals, figures and spirits drawn with a pointed bamboo pen and lampblack ink. This style was adopted by many women and was soon innovated to include the use of bamboo brushes and a range of bright colors made from flowers, leaves, barks, berries, etc. The themes of the paintings also expanded and they came to include complex scenes from their daily village life and ritual practices. Their pictorial alphabet began to include lines, waves, circles, sticks and snails and became more abstract.

About the host

I’m a multi-disciplinary artist, and love to engage with folk/tribal art from across the world – with a special focus on India. I design and conduct experiential workshops, giving a contemporary bent to heritage Art n Craft. I have thoroughly enjoyed conducting in-person and online workshops for audiences in India, USA, UK, Australia, Dubai. My workshop at Amazon HQ in Seattle demonstrated the ease with which art communicates with people from different countries and ethnicities.  The learning and sharing process has been unique in each workshop and the participants’ ages have varied from age 8 to 80!

Places we'll visit

Your computer screen,

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What the Host requires you to bring
  • Pens ( fine tipped pens or gel pens, ideally in black and red)
  • 1 or 2 pieces of A4 sized paper (This can be any standard paper but the thicker the better, handmade paper is perfect if you have it!)
  • Pencil, ruler and eraser
  • Rough paper to practise on


  • Who can come Adults & Children
  • Activity level not much
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : English

Minimum age

Minimum age : 8 Years

Private groups

Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 2
Private groups maximum size : 20

Alternate Dates

If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via private message


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