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About the experience

Experience Duration : 6 hrs
Detailed description:

Watching birds in urban areas is far easier than what you may have imagined. There are more out there and just pigeons. Over 620 different bird species have been found in and aound the UK since records began and over 80% have been discovered in our urban areas. Birds are everywhere, even in the heart of our concrete jungles. The knack is learning how to notice and eventually recognise the birds that share our urban lives.

The Urban Birder Course will be an introduction to appreciating the abundant birdlife in our urban areas. It will cover the definition of an urban bird, recognition techniques and tips on attracting birds into your garden.

The courses are led by me, David Lindo aka The Urban Birder and the venue for the courses is the brilliant and mould-breaking London Wetland Centre in Barnes run by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust for whom I am a Vice President.

The London Wetland Centre brings the countryside to London. Although close to the heart of the capital it is a haven of tranquillity for both wildlife and people.

The lakes, pools and gardens are home to a huge variety of wildlife including kingfishers, sand martins, wading birds and plenty more. For keen bird watchers there are Bitterns (a very secretive type of heron) in the winter and stunning Yellow Wagtails on the grazing marsh in summer; over 180 bird species are recorded every year.


About the host

I’m David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder. I’m a broadcaster, writer, naturalist, photographer, public speaker, tour leader and oh, I have been known to do the odd bit of birding!

Born and raised in London, I love anything nature, but for as long as I can remember birds have been my particular obsession. When I was three I went missing during a family party and caused my mum great panic. The police were called and a search party dispatched and I was eventually found standing outside a graveyard watching some Magpies.

I never switch off when it comes to urban birding, I’m forever on the lookout. If you saw me strolling down a street you’d think I was in Manhattan for the first time, gazing up in wonderment. The sky is my canvas and it’s amazing what you can see when you look up; birds of prey, swirling swifts, migrating thrushes, raucous crows. It’s a beautiful world up there.

Places we'll visit

WWT London Wetland Centre

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  • Who can come Adults & Children
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Primary Language : English

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Minimum age : 15 Years

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Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 10
Private groups maximum size : 15

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If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via private message


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Meet Up Location : London SW13 9WT, UK, (SW13 9WT),

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