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Family Constellation: Solve deep-rooted issues with family or friends.

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Experience Duration : 1 hrs
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Family constellation is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them.

These concerns include family origin issues, parent-child relationship difficulties, and intimate relationship challenges.

It may be used as a potential therapy method for people who:

- Are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns

- Want to be in a romantic relationship

- Are attempting to resolve family entanglements

- Want to overcome inner turmoil

- Have experienced significant trauma or loss

- Are in search of personal and professional success

Guests who use the family constellation might experience catharsis following this intervention because it allows them to work through conflict, trauma, and difficult past experiences in a safe environment.

Because the family constellation draws the guest attention to patterns and dynamics they had not previously considered, they will likely develop improved insight into their behaviours. This can lead to healthier communication and more fulfilling relationships.

About the host

Hello, light beings! I am Maria Jos?!

Come with me as we take a deep dive into the mystical unknown.

I'm passionate about personal spiritual transformation.

My field of study is metaphysics, spirituality, mind and human behaviour.

I use different techniques to help you transform your life and unblock stagnating energy in your body.

Or if you want to know more about yourself, your higher self and your life purpose, then I will introduce you to the magical possibilities of the mind.

Come with questions, curiosity, and an open heart, and we will travel together toward the place of insight and light.

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Primary Language : English
Secondary Language : Portuguese

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