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Drawing in the Park (kensigton gardens) 0r (Battersea Park)

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About the experience

Experience Duration : 2 hrs 45 mins
Experience Summary:

We will visit the outdoor park and experiment with drawing and sketching, taking many different stylistic turns from landscape and interior space and crowds of people passing through to the storytelling inspired by the great masters. This might suggest seeing something in the atmosphere in the outdoor parks and exploring, drawing from observation afresh. We aim to observe and see what can be caught in the paper, the great mystery of the universe, which after all, is the spectator's task to unravel.

Detailed description:

To visit new places is an exciting activity, yet becoming familiar and building memories is something one keeps for a long time in one's life. We will form a small sketching tour group, share our views, and begin to inspire ourselves from our surroundings. We will record, make quick sketches, and gradually build acute observational skills. Observing landscapes in parks and experiencing the hustle and bustle of the outdoors can become ever so exciting if given moments to captivate through sketching using masters tools such as pencils, graphite, charcoal, and watercolors. I will individually teach ways of seeing and recording a simple rule of drawing from observation and making various marks on paper. We aim to see directly and use our imagination and memory to form something of the atmosphere.

About the host

Since I started drawing from observation, there was little point in drawing unless one aimed to rival the very greatest, to aim at the standard of Bonnard and Van Gogh. I have a tremendous intuitive feeling for drawing and its substantiality, fluidity, and the things it could do if one draws while visiting the outdoors. While taking up courses at the Royal Drawing School,  I learned to love improvisation and accident. I found my starting point in the local landscapes with its logic. I firmly believe it would be exciting to be one of many people visiting together and to be able to exchange ideas; in one sense, we all see the same thing but perceive it differently, filtered through our emotions and memories. I think drawing requires intense effort and is measured by only the highest standards, as being taught that great art could not only be made by old masters or famous artists but also here and now in London.  I sometimes stand back and observe what I draw and surely agree with my sense that I couldn't set to get such an effect.

Places we'll visit

We will visit the historical site of Kensington Gardens and its most known spots i.e the Italian garden, Prince Alberts Memorial and the Pond. It's vast landscapes are something one only feels when visited in person. It would be a unique experience to visit the outdoors in group and meet new like minded people who enjoy exploring London Parks. The summer in London Park is an exciting experience to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and sit together and share ideas. It's a place where nature in our local landscape can be seen and felt almost like a family picnic.

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What the Host will provide
  • Paper
  • Charcoal
  • Graphite
  • Watercolor
  • Pastels
What the Host requires you to bring
  • Sketchpad
  • Sketchbook
  • pencils


  • Who can come Adults
  • Activity level not much
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : English
Secondary Language : Hindi

Private groups

Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 3
Private groups maximum size : 8

Alternate Dates

If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via private message


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Meet Up Location : London W8, UK,

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