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Chalo Jamva: A Gujarati supper club

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Hosted by Punam
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Experience Duration : 3 hrs
Experience Summary:

Born out of the idea to share the dishes we have enjoyed since her childhood but rarely found at an eatery in London, we present a range of dining experiences hosted by Punam Vaja. A born and raised East Londoner with strong Gujarati influence, the stories of her childhood and the food she grew up eating and learning to cook drive the core of the dishes at each supper club.

Detailed description:

Born out of the idea to share the dishes we have enjoyed since childhood but rarely found at an eatery in London, we are here to present a range of dining experiences. A born and raised East Londoner, growing up with strong Gujarati influences is what drives the core of the dishes we serve. ​ Our dishes are hosted in Portugal and London. The deeply intertwined history of colonialism between England, Portugal and India has had significant implications on religion, culture and also food. She'll be tapping into this history to explore the dishes influenced by the connection and shed a positive light on modern Gujarati food. As well as the food, what made a lasting impression was the hospitality shown to every guest who came to visit the Punam's family home. Each visitor is spoilt with cups of chai, sweetmeats or savoury snacks. Grandma was exceptionally skilled in her hosting abilities and always made sure no one left without a full belly and hearty smiles! ​ The cooking style is a combination of recipes and dishes passed on from Punam's mum and dad. Mum shared the traditional dishes that give that feeling of home, as well as her upbringing in Mumbai, adding flavours of street-food yumminess. Dad, on the other hand, shared a much more care-free, exploratory approach, always using his instincts when it came to spice and balance in flavour. Thus, the lessons passed on from decades of traditional dishes were infused, served with a new flair and a big smile!

About the host

Hi , I'm Punam! What started as a hobby has now become my full-time passion. I grew up with strong roots and cooking tradition as linked to my Gujarati heritage. As a British Indian, I never really realised the importance of food in my sense of belonging and feeling at home. Growing up, food played a key role in connections with others, creating bonds and forming stories. Seeing all of this, I didn't really know when it became a part of my own hosting style! After working as a sous-chef for a range of suppers clubs hosted for the Hackney Migrants Centre, I started hosting my own supper clubs in East London. My love and passion for cooking and hosting can be seen and experienced at each event, from the supper clubs to the workshops. I've had the pleasure of hosting private supper clubs and catered for private events. From April 2022, I had my first opportunity to host supper clubs in Porto, now sharing my love for both London and Porto with events in both cities.

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  • Welcome Drink


  • Who can come Adults & Children
  • Activity level not much
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : English

Minimum age

Minimum age : 11 Years

Private groups

Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 6
Private groups maximum size : 20

Alternate Dates

If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via private message

Special Considerations

Please provide any dietary requirements that you or your group may have. The menu is fully vegetarian but also plant-based.


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Meet Up Location : 658 High Rd. Leyton, London E10 6JP, UK, (E10 6JP),

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